What Is Karate And What Equipment Do I Need For The Training?

Karate is a well known Japanese martial art which seeks the development of one’s defensive and counterattacking abilities through certain physical aspects. Karate is primarily used for self-defense and fighting, but its moral and mental aspects shouldn’t be disregarded, as they try to strive towards whole and overall improvement of the person practicing it. Karate training require a certain amount of discipline and continuous effort in order to progress as an individual. Karate was introduced in Japan in 1922 by Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957), who is nowadays regarded as the father of this martial art. The word karate combines two kanji symbols: one is “kara” which means “empty” and the second is “te”, which means “hand”. So the meaning of the word “karate” could be translated as “empty hand”. Suffix “do” is often added to the name karate, and it means “the way, path”, implying that karate is a way of life which surpasses the fighting and self-defense aspects of the art. There are 4 main karate styles that are present today in Japan and those are: Goju-ryu, Shotokan, Shito-ryu and Wado-ryu. Continue reading…

7 Must Have Martial Art Equipments

Martial arts are codified and traditional systems of combat practices. There are numerous fighting techniques that are related to martial arts such as tae kwon do, karate and judo. Martial arts can be learned for self defense, fitness and as a part of combat sports training. Martial art equipment is always required for assisting and perfecting the art of combat training. It doesn’t matter as to what martial art technique you are following in order to use martial art equipments. Martial art equipments aid you to correct your posture and strength. Some of these equipments that are helpful in your combat training are given below.

1. Split Leg Machine – Stretching and building your leg muscles are extremely important for learning martial arts. Stretching is very important to learn the art of high kicks and splits in air and split leg machines help you to do that. Split leg machines have padded seats and spreader arms in which your legs can rest. When you move the lever of the machine it moves in a horizontal direction, stretching your legs slowly and steadily. You can choose the extent to which you want to stretch your legs by setting the split leg machine accordingly. Once you have stretched to your maximum extent then count for 30 seconds. After this, stretch and extend your legs a little more and hold this position for 1 minute. Using split machine daily will help you to gain flexibility and strength.

2. Punching bags – Punching bag is a core element for training in martial arts. These punching bags are heavy because they are either filled with sand and water. These bags are hung on the ceiling and are used to punch. By punching on them you tend to increase your muscular strength which is extremely beneficial in martial arts.

3. Kicking bags – Kicking bags are used to increase your foot strength. Kicking bags are made with heavy foam and are covered with thick plastic made of vinyl chloride. There are several handles hat are present on the sides of the kick bags which ensure a strong hold of the person kicking. These handles ensure that you can take on powerful kicks.

4. Yumi – A traditional yumi is made from bamboo sticks that are laminated. Yumi is a short or a long bow with synthetic strings. It is often referred to as a Japanese bow. According to historical sources yumi was used by soldiers on horse backs.

5. Dojo mats – Dojo mat is a must have for anyone learning karate. Dojo mats have a cushiony surface which protects the learner from getting injured while doing karate. These mats easily absorb any kind of impact and shock. One can choose from standard mats, grapping mats and take down mats while shopping for dojo mats.

6. Breaking boards – These are traditional wooden boards that are used by learners to increase the strength of their arms and legs. Learners use their hands and feet to break these blocks. Ice blocks and bricks are also used sometimes in place of wooden blocks.

7. Shoes – good shoes play a very important role in any type of sports training. Though there are special shoes that are used in training of martial arts. These shoes have a non slip sole and a circular look in front to give a good grip and allow foot spin. Moreover, martial art shoes give a good level of hygiene as your skin does not come in contact with mat.

These equipments are sure to help you in mastering combat techniques of martial arts. So, if you are planning to learn some combat skills then getting these equipments can be a good idea.